Our City needs a Councilman that focuses on real solutions for real problems.

A serious candidate for serious times.

Promote a Vibrant Economic Environment

  • Support current businesses both big and small.
  • Attract new businesses of all sizes through deregulation.
  • Maintain a low corporate/business tax percentage.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship at all ages.

Support the City of Manassas Public School System

  • Work with local teachers to enhance each child’s educational experience.
  • Foster community partnerships with our school system.
  • Give teachers and staff the tools they need to do their job.
  • Encourage parent(s) and family to be or to stay involved in their children’s education from K-12.

Retain Public Employees

  • We hire them, we train them, we pay them, so lets keep them!
  • Manassas should not be a "stepping stone" for job applicants.
  • Make Manassas that "Desired and Revered" public service opportunity.

Update and Modernize Local City Ordinances

  • Review criminal and civil ordinances.
  • Ensure that local codes reflect modern times, not the year 1960.
  • Create a useful, appropriate, and most of all an enforceable noise ordinance.

Support Safe Communities

  • Work with Home Owner Associations and neighborhoods to listen and solve community oriented issues.
  • Keep children engaged, active, and striving towards positive goals.
  • Promote volunteer days or community days within our neighborhoods.
  • Self-Respect and the respect of others and their property.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Partner with the City Manager to ensure budgets are well rounded and balanced.
  • Not waste tax payers hard earned money on bizarre projects or self-glorifying events.
  • Support and improve public parks and our public pool.

On November 8th, 2016 we as Americans will go the polls and cast a ballot to choose the direction of our country for the foreseeable future. This is possibly the most important election in over 100 years and certainly the most crucial election in my lifetime.

The stakes are very high and continuing the "status quo" simply should not be acceptable anymore. I know Manassas and its people very well, I work in our communities and hear day in and day out the problems that face individuals and families in 2016.

Having a young family myself, I can easily relate to the stress a new parent may face and the concerns of finding the "American Dream" in an area where homes easily start at $300,000 plus. Life can be tough at times. That is why I believe it is so critical to elect someone with empathy and compassion who takes pride in the community they serve.

I've spent my career thus far as a police officer in Virginia and New York, a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal, a private detective, conservator of the peace, local small business owner, and God willing your next City Councilman.

Unlike some of the contestants in this race, I do not believe that being a board member, chairman or club member of this or that somehow qualifies you to understand the problems residents and families of the City of Manassas face in 2016. Sitting present on the City Council for decades is not a accomplishment by itself. Positively affecting people's lives and communities is however the very founding principle of public service.

I ask that you make that vote in 2016 a "positive" vote. Vote MICHAEL YOULEN for Manassas City Council on November 8th, 2016


Michael Youlen

Vote Youlen for Manassas City Council on November 8th 2016

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